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13 August 2009 @ 09:27 pm
Psy-Comm 3 Chapter 1 up on Tokyopop.com  
WOW! I knew it was going to happen, but it finally has come out. It's been a while since we finished the book, but here it is. Tell your friends and fans. Hopefully we can generate some buzz so we might one day see it in print. (Just a dream right now, but we can hope right?!?)


The full news is here:

BTW those of you on Facebook.. There is a Psy-Comm fan page, a Clockwerx page, and a Deserts of Mars page! Feel free to fan as needed.

(Thanks to Steve Horton, for the scoop!You Rock.)
Shout outs go to Jason, Ramanda, Jeremy, Chi, Bryce and Lillian! All of you rock super hard!!!
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Daimajintonysalvaggio on August 14th, 2009 08:26 am (UTC)
Thanks! Personally I want to see more Undertown as well (and any other comic you draw actually!!)