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26 October 2008 @ 04:51 pm
My awesome friend Hiro (one of the coolest friends I met in college, and we still stay in touch) just sent me an email updating me that he saw our books in ebook format. It's kind of cool. I have no idea how well they are doing, but it's still neat to see. I need to check and see what other books are up there and if their names are changed at all. Sigh, I wish my Japanese wasn't so crappy.

Not sure why the name is "The Deceptions". What an odd choice. It's still neat though.
Check it out!

Just found out that TP is promoting "Global Manga" in this major manga
downloading website called "ebookJapan".
...And, guess what I bumped into.
"Psy-Comm" !


Though its title has been changed to "The Deceptions", the credits are
all listed properly with names in Katakana as "Jeison Hendaason",
"Toni Sarubaggio", "Sheen Gurenjaa", and "Ramanda Karumaga" ;)
Vol.1 and Vol. 2 are uploaded for JPY 420 (around US$4) each.
Thanks again to Hiro!!

As an aside.. Maybe it is just the call of badly translated Fist of the North Star packages and other literal translations, but I think the google translations of the synopsis are interesting in their own ways. I think the translator messes up mine and Shane's names though.

The resistance war DISEPUSHONZU-deception (1) Jason Henderson, Tony Granger Shane SARUVAJJIO
War, it was the ultimate TV show. The near future, the world is to manage the corporation for the state of war, even in a state of confusion, in order to earn the ratings plan was to run only on TV shows. Stars of the best fighters in the war coverage, the super-power "Psychic command"?? Aka "Cy-com". Ried mark in the history of the Cy-com and should be the best young fighters. But the tragedy of the past and marks a chance encounter with the enemy, made his life suspected initiate everything. Marked by its ability to predict looked at the battlefield of the future ...? SF Psychic ultimate action!

Com EREKUTOROMEDIA rhinoceros in the country is called the most powerful superstar in the name of Mark would have to leave the refugee determination as to follow the path of escape. To go with her former Cy-com enemy, Snow! EREKUTOROMEDIA try to cope with the situation and send all the assassins. Among them is a good friend of mine, David was an image of comrades! Through the pursuit of the assassin, to visit the countries involved in the plot, while Ichiro Mark, "Wild Land" was the aim. SF Psychic serious action, rapid deployment of shock!
21 October 2008 @ 11:30 am
I am totally fascinated with abandoned towns and cities and the like, and this really got my creative juices flowing. The article is kind of a pain to navigate, but there are some super cool photos.


I was so mad when they used Centralia for the Silent Hill movie, as I was formulating a pitch for a story set there. Kudos to the writer for finding the perfect US town for Silent Hill though.
04 September 2008 @ 11:52 am
Once again Alan (gothamajp) put me on to some new features. So, I thought I would test it out...

I was looking over the comments. This one made me kinda smile:

"good but needs an emo other than that its grate

I thought Mark was angsty enough... :)
29 August 2008 @ 02:22 pm
Finally finished putting up the Feb. gig on the site.

It was the first time I was playing with my new bass (I really dig it).
The crowd was great and it was fun. I wish we had a couple of our recent gigs taped.
I might put some older videos up in the near future, but I have to do editing to cut the video up into songs.
Rock on!
28 August 2008 @ 10:41 am
So we have a fan page now...


For my artist friends, most (if not all) of Billy's awesome flyer work is up. The characters there will be in comics and other media as soon as we can get that out there.

I should be posting videos soon since I have the new Deserts of Mars Youtube channel.


I hope that I can get all the video from our Feb. show up there soon. I have a long weekend and I am going to try to get some odds and ends like that done and out of the way.

Rock on!
26 August 2008 @ 10:36 pm
Thanks to the awesome Alan Porter (local writer and all around super cool guy) we have a link to Psy-Comm in Turkish. We found out about it in our last royalty report, but the publisher that was listed came up as a Russian publisher when I tried to google it. A month or two ago, I found out it was actually Turkish and not Russian. Alan got a friend to search around, and here it is!


Neato! I wish I could read reviews, or maybe I don't even want to. I tried to find a page for Psy-Comm in Croatia (Coming soon I hope), and I used an online translator. On this forum, from what I could tell, it seemed like I had stumbled across another debate on whether our books are any good since they are from the US. I can't be positive, since online translators are pretty bad, but if it was such a debate,jeez.....

Sigh, and now my main computer here at home has started randomly shutting down. I'm double backing stuff up and hoping to not take it into a shop. I love computers and at the same time, I think I have an EMP pulse that makes them hate me or something. :( I need this computer to start work on a new project that requires lots of horsepower like this machine has. GRRR...

Oh yeah, plug for Alan:
Damn it rocks! I'm not a big cover tunes guy, but this would be one I wouldn't mind doing.

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I forgot to post this earlier, Hope to see some friends for some great coffee and conversation!

Media Advisory

Areas of Interest: Books, Features, Calendars

The Writers' League of Texas Presents

Beyond the Strip:
Inside the World of Comics, Manga, & Graphic Novels

Date: Thursday, Aug. 21

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: Spiderhouse, 2908 Fruth, Austin

Admission: Free

For more information: Contact the Writers' League of Texas,
512-499-8914 or wlt@writersleague.org

One of the hottest areas in publishing is comics, graphic novels, and manga. Paul Benjamin heads up a panel of writers and artists in the field to offer an insider's look at the popular art form and the creative process. Panelists include Scott Kolins, Alan Porter, Tony Salvaggio, and Matt Sturges, and "Geeks With Books" columnist Rick Klaw will moderate.

This event is open to the media.

Media Contact: Cyndi Hughes, Executive Director, 512-499-8914 or

About the Panelists:

Paul Benjamin is a writer, editor, and video game producer whose Tokyopop manga series, Pantheon High, debuted at New York Comic Con 2007. Paul has developed comics-to-film projects for Hollywood, produced video games, edited graphic novels for Humanoids/DC Comics, and is currently writing Marvel Adventures Hulk. He's also producing video games for Austin-based Amaze Entertainment.

Tony Salvaggio has been an almost life-long fan of anime and manga. He has worked as an artist, animator, and designer in the video games industry. He is currently co-writing Psy-Comm (an original graphic novel series for Tokyopop) as well as the anime/manga influenced story "Clockwerx" (for Humanoids Publishing). As a freelance journalist, Tony has penned the column "Calling Manga Island" for Comic Book Resources, and worked on various video game and manga related writing projects. When he isn't playing with his band Deserts of Mars, he regularly hosts movies and events related to martial arts, sci-fi, and horror from the East in Austin. He is fueled by music, coffee, Big Red, video games, and his passion for all things anime and manga is only excelled by his quest to become King of the Monsters.

Alan Porter, writer and pop-culture historian, writes about comics as well as writing a few himself. His current project is God Shop for Tokyopop (coming later this year), and his book on the history of James Bond in comics will be in stores in October. He also writes promotional comic books for a variety of companies.

Matt Sturges writes several books for DC Comics, including House of Mystery, Blue Beetle, and the Eisner-nominated Jack of Fables (with Bill Willingham). His first novel, Midwinter, will be published by Pyr Books in 2009. Matthew lives in Austin with his wife and their two daughters.

Scott Kolins was raised in central Wisconsin. After high school and one year of college, Scott attended the prestigious Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Art and Graphic Design and has studied art and the craft of comics under: Dennis Jensen, Bart Sears & Kim DeMulder. He has been a freelance artist for 18 years working with: Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Malibu Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Valiant Entertainment, Wizard Entertainment, Random House Publishing & Lucas film. For the past five years Scott has been under contract to either DC Comics or Marvel Comics and has worked regularly on titles such as: The Flash, The Avengers, Green Lantern, Superman-Batman, Wonder Woman, Marvel Team-Up, Thor, and Omega Flight. He is currently under Exclusive Contract with DC Comics working on Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge and will next join the Superman team for their next story in Action Comics. Scott moved to Austin two years ago with his wife Kim, three children, and dog.

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The Writers' League of Texas is a nonprofit professional organization whose primary purpose is to provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers, to help its 1,500 members throughout the United States improve and market their writing skills, and to promote the interests of writers and the writing community. Among the League's signature initiatives are the annual Writers' League of Texas Agents and Editors Conference, Poetry Out Loud, Project WISE, and the Sul Ross Writing Academy, along with ongoing workshops and classes. For more, visit the League's Web site at www.writersleague.org
17 August 2008 @ 11:53 pm
We're now in the online catalog on Humanoid's French site.


Super sweet!!
Man, I really need to fast track my part of book 3!
Hopefully we can get published by Devil's Due eventually. I'm crossing my fingers that Clockwerx is well received.